• Promotion only open to Casino Sunborn members.
  • The Tournament commences at 20:00 hrs until midnight, the last game is at 23:30 hrs.
  • Entry is based on the points earned from the previous 7 days.
  • 50 points – 1 entry
  • 51-500 points – 2 entries
  • 501-2000 points – 3 entries
  • A total of 5 spins will be made per game
  • Chip lending or borrowing or exchange between players is forbidden.
  • The prizes for the top 3 players points are the following 1st-£150, 2nd-£100, 3rd-£50 payed in Freeplay for the tables not exchangeable for cash.
  • A detailed manual can be found at the pit desk.





  • This promotion is only open to casino Sunborn members
  • Tournament will be played Thursdays between 20:00hrs and midnight
  • Entry is based on the points earned in previous week of the draw.
  • 50points – 1 entry
  • 51-500 points – 2 entries (or second entry)
  • 501-2000 points – 3 entries (or third entry)
  • Each player will start with 2000 points and have 5 mins to make an many points as possible.
  • The highest scores will win freeplay tickets to use on the slots machines 1st-£150, 2nd-£100, 3rd-£50
  • The last game will take place at 23:50 hrs





  • For every purchase of £15 at the bar, customers will receive £5 freeplay for the slot machines.  The freeplay is not exchangeable for cash or any other item. e.g A customer makes a purchase of £41 he/she will receive 2x £5 free play tickets.
  • Purchases can not be accumulated, only single transactions are taken into account.
  • The promotion is only applicable to cash purchases
  • All membership levels are eligible for the promotion
  • all members entitled to free drinks are not entitled to this promotion, unless they pay in cash.







  • This promotion is only open to Casino Sunborn members.
  • The lucky ticket draw is based on points earned the previous week.
  • Every 50 points earned entitles the customer to one lucky draw ticket
  • At midnight, one winner will be drawn from the tombola drum.
  • The first ticket will be called 3 times.  If the owner of the ticket is not present another ticket will be drawn this process will continue until winner presents themselves.
  • The winner will be given 3 bets one each £100, £300 and £500. He/She must bet them all on the dozens one bet per dozen on the spin of the roulette.
  • The winning number will determine the winning dozen where the winning bet will be paid even money in freeplay for the slots or tables.